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Kelly & Creaghan is a Calgary based partnership of Chartered Professional Accountants. The firm has three partners, Leo R. Kelly, Joseph R. Creaghan and Dmitry Kalchenko. The partnership offers years of qualified expertise.

Kelly & Creaghan offer a wide array of financial and forensic services. Owner manager based businesses benefit from practical solutions to their financing, tax, and general business matters. Kelly & Creaghan individually meet with all clients and determine the unique needs in each business enterprise's financial environment. Kelly & Creaghan's goal is to maximize the owner manager's financial potential.

Kelly & Creaghan have provided expert financial testimony in many litagation based circumstances. The firm is widely recognized in Alberta by many Barristers and Solictors as experts in the field of Report Preparation for partnership, matrimonial, loss of income and other disputes. Kelly & Creaghan will get to the bottom of difficult and contiversial problems.
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