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What we need from you for corporate services...

Please print the following list and use it as a checklist for items to bring to us to complete your year end.
  • All bank statements and canceled cheques and deposit slips from the first month of your fiscal year to one month after your year end (if the month after hasn't arrived yet, send the rest as we can get it later)

  • All bank reconcilations you have prepared through the year

  • Invoices for any large asset purchases in the year such as computers, automobiles, office furnishings or equipment

  • All GST returns filed by you during the year

  • Any new lease agreements entered into during the year

  • Your corporate minute book, or letter of authorization for us to speak with your lawyer if they have it. Make sure that evidence of annual returns filed are in the minute book

  • If you maintain inventory provide your year end count sheets which clearly shows values and quantities of the inventory

  • A list of accounts receivable (billed but not collected) at year end, preferably aged by 30 - 60 - 90+ days since billing date

  • A list of accounts payable at year end (amounts you owed at the end of year for which you have been billed)

  • Trial balance as at your year end date if you maintain computerized records or a manual general ledger system

  • Detailed general ledger for all transactions in the year if you maintain computerized records. If you maintain manual records please provide to us your synoptic journal

  • A back up of your computerized records on disk if you maintain computerized records. Remember to indicate what system you use (Quickbooks, MYOB, etc.) the filename and a password if one is required..
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